The Company


Our foresight is to make Akvalo Instruments achieve higher echelons in manufacturing of Pressure & Temperature Instruments and be a Transnational leader in this arena.


The company's primary objective is to upgrade the existing products and to consistently develop innovative products which can be an import substitute to the present.

Akvalo Instruments Pvt. Ltd. began operations in 2002 backed by the superlative enterprising efforts of it's Managing Director, Mr. C. V. Lohi. His vast industrial experience of over 40 years in the field of pneumatic instruments, which includes over two decades in the R&D and production departments of various leading manufacturers of pressure and temperature instruments, has contributed immensely to the company's growth.

Today, the company is renowned for providing quality pressure gauges, temperature gauges, testing equipments & accessories to some of India's largest and most quality conscious markets.

Under One Roof

Akvalo Instruments boasts of comprehensive in-house facilities for the manufacturing of various types of Pressure, Temperature, Testing & Calibrating Equipments. The company's state-of-the-art manufacturing unit is located in the designated electronic zone at Industrial Estate in Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

Human Resources

The team at Akvalo Instruments Pvt. Ltd. has been a dominant accelerator in the process of its success. The company has a highly motivated and efficient work force that continuously strives to provide the finest possible services to the customers. Also in support are other management experts who are looking after the international & domestic marketing activities. Further, Akvalo Instrument's human resource comprises a team of managers, researchers and several other professionals with tremendous expertise in the areas of production, administration and logistics.

Research & Development

R & D plays an integral part in bringing out the innovation in the field of pressure & temperature instruments and Akvalo Instruments has been adapting extensive R&D activities to meet the demands of its clients.

At Akvalo Instruments, new doors are constantly being opened to a positive and progressive future. A well equipped Research & Development division has all the modern testing equipments and a well qualified team in an arena where continuous innovations in the product range play a pivotal role.

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